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New For Your Pocher Fiat - Brass Rocker Arm Assembly

The most prominent pieces on the engine of the 1907 Fiat F2 are the four independent rocker arms sitting atop each of the four inline cylinders.  On the prototype, these pieces were drilled out and un-plated in order to reduce the unsprung weight of the car.  And their rough, mechanical look really added something special to the engine bay.


Model Motorcars is thrilled to introduce our newest part in our growing catalog for the Pocher Fiat - our brass rocker arm assemblies.


Cast as one piece, our rocker arms add real metal to your Fiat engine and enhance the level of detail of your entire scale model project.  After a few minor modifications to the stock Pocher engine parts, these rocker arms install easily and their pebble-grain finish gives them just the right patina to bring your Fiat F2 engine compartment to life.


Our kit includes the four brass rocker arms and four steel push rods.


Along with our Fiat wheel kit, leaf spring kit, tires, seats and wood flooring, our new rocker arms are one of many new parts we will be adding to the Fiat Store over the next year that will dramatically enhance your Pocher Fiat build.  We love our new rocker arms and we think you will too.

Our new Fiat rocker arms are cast as one piece, include all the details of the originals and are a great addition to your Pocher Fiat project.

The pictures above show the delicate curvature of the rockers on the prototype.

Rocker arm on the original 1907 Grand Prix racer

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The Model Motorcars rocker arm kit includes everything you need

Announcing real oak veneers for your Fiat floor and dashboard

We've always said that "nothing looks like real metal more than real metal" and now we say the same thing about real wood.  For all you Fiat builders and anyone who's ever wanted to add real wood to their dashboards, interior trim or door crowns we're very excited to add real red oak veneers to our Fiat Store collection.


Just trim our new wood veneer planks with scissors and finish with a wood finish like Minwax and you have real wood with the real wood look and real wood smell to enhance your scale replica.

Our Wood Veneer finished with Minwax and installed in Pocher Fiat floor

Wood planks installed in the prototype

You can use different wood finish products and different stain colors to get just the look you want for your model project.


In the photos shown here, we've used the Minwax Golden Oak Finish (Minwax code 2108) which we think is an excellent match to the wood in the Fiat prototype.

In the photo above compare our wood laminate (top) with the Fiat prototype (bottom).  With the Minwax finish applied, ours is an excellent match to the original.

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In 1991, we started Model Motorcars with a focus on building the legendary Pocher 1:8 scale classics and a dedication to the enjoyment of building these models. During the past 23 years, we have built many Alfa Romeos, Bugattis, Fiats, Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce scale motorcars and, in doing so, have developed over five hundred parts that you can use on your own Pocher project. In addition, we have written books and published CD's that go into great depth about the Pocher building process. And finally we have compiled a vast catalog of hardware, tools and machines that have become invaluable to us throughout the years.


Our history is captured in the Model Motorcars Gallery while our friends from every continent display their incredible skills in the International Pocher Museum. As modelers ourselves, we are proud to be part of this great community of craftsmen and are today, as we were when we began, dedicated to helping you enjoy building Pochers as much as we do. We thank you for all of your wonderful contributions to Model Motorcars and to everyone we wish you a lifetime of Happy Pochering!

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